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Karen Hall, Ph.D.

Karen is responsible for designing, planning, purchasing, sewing, dyeing, shipping and marketing products. Three Kingdom Colors is a regular at Eugene’s Saturday Market and at their Holiday Market. In addition, TKC does select artists’ fairs throughout the Pacific NW. 

In addition to being a fourth generation botanist (first professional one in the family), I am a third generation fiberarts/surface design enthusiast. My grandmother wove fabric on a loom built by my engineering grandfather. He designed and warped the loom and she threw the shuttle. It may be no surprise, then, that my mother is a handweaver. She took it a step further, working on a loom with a computer controlled dobby head — designing the fabric on computer first, then dyeing the fiber, warping the loom, weaving the cloth and finally sewing the garment — whew! One summer I asked her to come teach in my class, Ethnobotany of South Carolina, the art of dyeing with indigo. I learned in the process and have been hooked on dyes from plants, insects and fungi ever since!

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Having moved recently to the Pacific NW after spending most of my life in Western North Carolina, I am looking forward to exploring natural dyes, plants, animals, insects and more. While it is half a world away from landscapes that knew me as intimately as I knew them, here’s to establishing deep, new relationships with the lands and the peoples in the Pacific NW. 

Jeremy Hall, LMSW

Jeremy assists in marketing, building displays, shipping, toting, encouraging the dyer/designer and schlepping the moving shop that is Three Kingdom Colors.  

His primary profession as a therapist requires intense patience, positivity and selflessness. He brings these incredible skills and more to TKC and we are the better for it. 

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